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How and Where To Play Online Bingo

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So, you love land bingo, the excitement of winning and shouting out bingo at the bingo hall. Are you ready for online bingo? There are some online bingo basics that must be addressed before you begin. First and foremost is to find a reliable online bingo site, one that has been around for a bit. The best idea is not to try too many online bingo sites at once, otherwise you may get confused or overwhelmed.

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Stick to one or two online bingo sites at first until you get the hang of playing online bingo, then you can venture out a little more. Once you find the bingo site that suits you it’s time to fund your bingo account. We would suggest looking for a site that gives you a big bonus in bingo bucks on your first deposit, at least 100%. This way, can double your money and can play more bingo games or buy more bingo cards. Once you have found such a bingo site you will need to click on the cashier and fund your bingo account. We suggest starting with a minimum deposit when you are funding your bingo account for the very first time. You don’t want to fund too much at first, just in case you aren’t happy with the bingo site after playing there for a while. Once you have funded your bingo account you will need to buy cards for the next available bingo game. There is usually a bingo game every few minutes at most online bingo sites. Then you sit back and watch your cards, hopefully you will get a bingo. One of the nice things about online bingo is you don’t need to daub your own cards; the computer does that automatically for you. Also you don’t have to buy a set amount of bingo cards for the evening like you do at land bingo, you can mix it up. You can buy different quantities of bingo cards as each bingo game is about to begin. If you get a bingo you don’t have to stand up and shout bingo (unless you want to) because no one can see or hear you. Don’t worry about feeling isolated and alone at online bingo because there is usually a chat room. The bingo chat room is may seem foreign to you at first, but you will be comfortable chatting in no time at all. Besides, someone in bingo chat will definitely talk to you at some point. Do not be intimidated by online bingo, it’s easy and fun and you don’t have to leave the house. 
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