How and where to play the Let It Ride online poker game

How and Where to Play The Online Casino Let It Ride Poker Game

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Let It Ride Poker is one of the newest
variations of the basic poker game. It was
developed in 1993 in Nevada and it
rapidly spread among Las Vegas and
Reno land casinos, where it found great
acceptance. Visit our
FULL Casino
Reviews for a Casino to play Let it
ride Poker.
In Let It Ride Poker, the player
simply tries to achieve a winning hand and
doesn’t play against the house or other players.
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Let it Ride Poker Strategy

You simply see if you can put together a winning hand of 10s or better and adjust
your bets as the cards are dealt. After your three initial cards and the community
cards are still hidden, let it ride when you have a pair of 10’s or better. Pull your
bet if not. If you have four parts of a flush after the first common card is turned
also let it ride. Do not chase after 4 card straights.
The house edge in this game is about a 2.8%. Odds or chances of winning are
fixed, but the results depend strongly on the ability of the player for guessing what
can be a winning hand by seeing only three or four cards of a five-card hand.
Good returns imply to maintain high bets in winning hands and reduce it to one
third in losing ones. In order to increase returns, it is advisable for the player to
stick to the following guidelines:

1- After seeing the first three cards, take back your bet except if you have
any of  the following in your hand:

Pair of tens or better
Three cards to a flush with a 10 or better
Three cards to a straight flush
Three cards to a royal flush

2- Then, at the sight of four cards, take back your bet except if you have
the any of the following:

Pair of tens or better
Two pairs
Three of a kind
Four of a kind
Four cards to a flush
Four cards to straight flush
Four cards to a royal flush

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