Learn how and where to play the Red Dog card game

How And Where To Play The Online Casino Red Dog Game
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Online red dog card game table image Red Dog is a game played with a
52-card deck and uses only 3 cards at a

The object of the game is to
bet on what the third card is going to be.
The dealer will deal out 2 cards, one on
the left and one on the right.

In order for the player to win, the third card’s rank must come between the other
two cards’ rank. So if the two cards are a 5 and a Jack, a winning hand would
consist of a card between a 6 and a 10. The closer the two cards are in rank the
higher the pay out. Before the player sees the third card, he has the option of
doubling his bet by clicking on the raise button. A push happens when the first two
cards dealt are either consecutive or are a pair. If the third card dealt makes three
of a kind then the player is paid out at 11 to 1.


Also known as yablon, ace-deuce, in between, and between the sheets, red dog
is a card game that was introduced to the casinos in Nevada in the 1980’s.


The game is played on blackjack-sized tables with a shoe holding six decks of
cards. There is one dealer and can be up to as many as 16 players.

The card values for the game are as follows:


two through ten are worth their face value
jacks are worth 11
queens are worth 12
kings are worth 13
aces are worth 14

Play commences when the player places a bet and the dealer removes two cards
from the shoe and places them face up on the table. The player then decides
whether or not to raise the bet. The dealer deals a third card and if the value of
the card falls between the values of the other two cards, the player is a winner.
Original bets are payed out at even money, and raise bets are payed out
according to a scale, where the closer the two cards are together, the better the
payout is.

The payouts for different spreads are as follows:


1 card spread pays 5:1
2 card spread pays 4:1
3 card spread pays 2:1
4 to 11 card spread pays even money

A push results when the dealer deals out two consecutive cards or a pair. When a
pair is dealt, the dealer immediately deals a third card. If the result is a three of a
kind, the player is payed out 11:1.

hint: it makes the most sense to raise on those hands that have a spread of seven
or more.