How and where to play Slots-Learn to play online Slot machines

How and Where To Play The Online Casino Slot Machines
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Slot machines the century, and their popularity increases daily.
For many players, playing slots is still the most
enjoyable and relaxing form of gambling.
There are many differentslot machine games.
Jackpot size, combinations, symbols, size and
number of coins allowed in each play vary as well.
Slots account for a good portion of a casino’s
action and winnings. They are simple to use,
inexpensive to maintain, and require little or no skill
to play.
To the player, a slot machine returns on average
between 85% and 98%. The average casino
advantage is calculated to be around 9%.
Online single slot screen image
Single Line Slots Rules
The mission of the game is to match pre-selected symbols on the pay line. Unlike
any card game player plays the game using the
slot machine, hence the player
doesn’t have to worry about rules and regulations, or being laughed at by the
other players for making a bad play. All he has to do is try to hit the jackpot by
matching the highest paying symbols on the pay line.
Single Line Slots Strategy
It’s best to play the maximum number of coins in order to take full advantage of the
entire payout amount. Find
slot machines that you understand and play them.
Don’t play just any
slot machine that you see. Learn what slots appeal to you
and stick with them.
Online multi-line slot machine screen image Multi Line Slots: These are slightly more complicated than the
traditional 3 Reel
Slots, and involve up to 5 reels
and up to 9 different payout lines. There are many
more ways to win but it can get quite complicated
trying to keep up.
Progressive Jackpot Slots: These can be either 3 reeled Slots or Multi Line
Slots, but with a bumper jackpot. This Jackpot
increases over time until it is won, when it returns
to it’s default starting amount. They are often
linked across many
casinos, and as a result the
jackpot grows faster. That means that if a jackpot
goes unwon for a long period of time, the jackpot
swells to life changing amounts.
Progressive Slot
are by far the most fun, and they really
can change your life.
Bonus Feature Slots

This section covers the latest development of the slot machine, the bonus
slot machine. These slots all have something a little different which adds
that extra realm of excitement to playing them.
These bonus features include free bonus spins, the option to hold the reels and
second screen features where you get an additional opportunity to win even more.