Learn how and where to play online Video Poker

How And Where To Play Online Casino Video Poker
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If  it’s a game of skill  that your
looking for, with a low house edge
and the possibility of big wins, then
Video Poker is the game for you.
The objective of
Video Poker is to
receive the highest ranked five-card
poker hand possible.
Video Poker
uses a 52 card deck (53 for Joker
Poker) which is shuffled after each
hand. You play 1 to 5 coins, Initially
a hand of 5 cards face up is dealt.
The player then has to decided
which cards, if any, to keep/hold,
before new cards are dealt replacing
all unheld cards.
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There are a number of different possible payout tables and each one has a
separate optimal strategy.

Pay Out Tables and Variations

Almost every day I see a new variation on Video Poker, but the most familiar are:

Jacks Or Better : Royal Flush 800:1 Straight Flush 50:1 Four of a kind 25:1 Full
House 9:1 Flush 6:1 Straight 4:1 Three of a kind 3:1 Two Pair 2:1 Pair 1:1.
Variations generally occur with Full House and Flush, with 8:1 and 5:1 often found.

Deuces Wild : Natural Royal 800:1 Four deuces 200:1 Wild Royal 25:1 Five of a
kind 15:1 Straight Flush 9:1 Four of a kind 4:1 Full House 3:1 Flush 2:1 Straight
2:1 Three of a kind 1:1

Jokers Wild: Royal Flush 800:1 Five of a kind 200:1 Wild Royal 100:1 Straight
FLush 50:1 Four of a kind 20:1 Full House 7:1 Flush 5:1 Straight 3:1 Three of a
Kind 2:1 Two Pair 1:1 Kings or better 1:1

Basic Strategy

Remember, each game requires a different strategy, but this is a basic strategy
for Jacks or better with the payouts above. These are hands that should be held.
If you have a choice, hold the hand that’s highest on the list.

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
4 of a kind
4 to a Royal Flush
Full House
3 of a Kind
4 to a Straight Flush
Two Pair
High Pair
3 to a Royal
4 to a Flush
Low Pair
4 to a Straight spread over 4 cards (e.g 3,4,5,6 OK but Not 3,4,6,7)
3 to a Straight Flush
2 suited high Cards
1 high card

Please NOTE:
If you have 3 high unsuited high cards keep 2 lowest.
If you have 4 cards to a straight but still need a middle card (e.g. 2,3,5,6 needing
a 4) then discard and simply keep any high cards.

** Please note that this is not the optimal strategy, but one that is fairly close to it.
It would take pages and pages to document the complete strategy.